About Us

GMP Certified Manufacturing

PureCBDproductions specializes in manufacturing CBD using only the best in class GMP manufacturing practices and purest possible raw materials.

Wide Range of CBD Products

We make both oral and topical products containing CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD and full-spectrum CBD. Our oral products come can be produced with a nutritional or supplement fact labels inliquids, capsules, tablets, and powders. We have expertise in CBD creams, salves, roll-on and gels. No project is too large, and no project is too small for our midsize factory.

Clean Labels

The clean label movement has grown within the supplement industry. When it comes to CBD clean labels are more important than ever. Consumers are paying attention to the ingredients when it comes to expensive products such as CBD. All ofour CBD products come with a certificate of analysis of the finished goods.

No Magnesium Stearate

We have always manufactured with purity in mind. We don’t sacrifice product quality over a few extra dollars. Our sublingual tablets and encapsulated productare made free from excipients such as magnesium stearates.

  • A potentially hazardous additive is magnesium stearate. It’s a chalk-like powder that prevents sticking and helps powders flow so that the manufacturing process can be faster and more economical.
  • Magnesium stearate is derived from hydrogenated cottonseed oil. This type of oil is often GMO and usually grown with lots of pesticides. Contamination issues have been reported by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Supplements often contain more than just the active ingredient. Those are “flow agents” and other fillers manufacturers use in order to reduce costs when mass-manufacturing supplements.

Magnesium stearate = Magnesium ion + Stearic acid.

It’s created by mixing magnesium ion to stearic acid, however there is no actual magnesium in the powder and it has nutritional value.

Dr. Joseph Mercola points out that magnesium stearate may stimulate your gut to form biofilms that can prevent absorption of nutrients in your digestive tract.

Dr. Mercola also points “to research that indicates that stearic acid suppresses T cells – your natural killer cells-which are a key component of your immune system. According to that study, stearic acid causes the collapses of cell membrane integrity- an effect that was found to be time and dose dependent- which, ultimately, can destroy cell function. “

Dr. Hulda Clark was also very much against this extra, highly processed manufacturing aid, since she felt it had harmful effects on people with reduced immunity.


This illustration shows how jagged crystals tend to stick together and don’t lend themselves to flow easy. Sometimes they clump up and simply don’t flow at all.
Manufacturers add magnesium stearate to cover the jagged crystals and form them into flowable particles that speed up the manufacturing process.

Maximum absorption:
Nutrients should have no restriction to breaking down in the stomach for maximum absorption in the colon. Excipients hinder absorption!

No magnesium stearate:
Flow agents, such as magnesium stearate, surround even the finest nutrient particle, making absorption more difficult.

How to identify quality supplements?

  • Make sure the company you buy from follows GMP protocols. The factory should be certified GMP compliant by two independent organizations, UL and NSF.
  • Read the label backwards. Make sure there is no magnesium stearate listed under “Other Ingredients”.
  • Make sure the capsule is made from either Gelating or Tapioca (pullulan) and not wood pulp (HPMC).
  • Always avoid tablets! They are impossible to make without lots of chemicals.

No Preservatives

Our liquid CBD comes in bottles with droppers or pumps and is made without preservatives. Bacteria can only proliferate in water and therefore our formulas contain no water.By reducing the water activity in the mixture we are able to forgo adding unnecessary chemicals.

Encapsulating without Magnesium Stearate! How?

We have been manufacturing without Magnesium Stearate since 1993. We have lots of experience in this and we know first hand that this can be done with almost any ingredient. At the most we use rice based fillers, rice hulls that are sterilized and ground to a fine powder.
Avoiding chemicals and preservatives does not have to be expensive. In fact, we price competitively!

Pesticides and chemicals are clearly people’s top concern!

When 35% of people are concerned about chemicals and preservatives, it’s smart to keep those out of your supplements!
Preservatives and chemicals are ingredients that people are most likely to avoid! When asked which food component was the most harmful to nutritional health, 7% fingered GMOs as the villain and 35% called out preservatives and chemicals! Sugar, fat, carbs and sodium all stayed below 15%.

Which of these do you feel is most harmful to your nutritional health?

  • All respondents
  • Weighted according to U.S. Census figures for gender and age, 18 and older Margin

Preservative free liquids? How?

Our expert chemist invented a way to cut all preservatives out of liquid nutritional
formulas by cutting all water out. This results in liquid nutrition that keeps without
preservatives. Our liquid formulas taste wonderful and include raw materials such
as: Monk Fruit Powder, Silica, Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Vitamin E Tocopherol,
Natural Sunflower, Oil Soluble Vitamin C, Coconut Monolaurin, Quillaja and
Natural Flavors.

Since 1993

Our production experience started in the early 1990 and our first deliciously flavored CBD tinctures rolled off our production line in 2014.